Don’t expose production code just for tests…

…or you’ll end up testing how your code does something and not what it does.

Think of it like a box

No matter what we consider to be a unit, be it a function, a class or an entire module, we should aim in testing it as we intend to consume it in the rest of our code.

This helps us in viewing the unit as a black box that accepts an input and provides an output. We don’t care what’s inside the box. We don’t care how the box handles our input. We only care about the outcome. This is what we need to assert.

Why do we write tests?

We write tests to make sure our code behaves as we intended it to. We write tests to document this behavior. We write tests to have a safety net whenever we wish to change the code but not its behavior.

The key here is behavior. Testing has nothing to do with implementation.

If we expose internal parts of our box we check how the box works and we couple it with our tests meaning that each time we make a change inside the box we have to change our tests too.

By definition this results in losing the ability to refactor.

Test it as it is meant to be used

When consuming a unit of code in production we respect its API and use it as is.

If we start testing individual parts of our box we might be certain that these parts work properly but we don’t know if their integration works too since we have asserted results that where the outcome of a flow that will never occur in our program. In other words we will never consume the API this way.

If testing the box as it’s meant to be used seems difficult then there is something wrong with the box’s API and by exposing code is like hiding all the dirt under the carpet. Eventually we will have to deal with it.

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